The Mission

To inspire people to become aware of their purpose in life, and the power they already have within. To help people heal from trauma using meditation, dance, writing, martial arts, and performance as tools to awaken confidence, forgiveness, compassion, and a profound love for life in the heart. Spiritual motivation is the key.



“Kevon is a fabulous meditation leader, but more than that, he’s extremely knowledgeable on related topics and well educated in his field. Highly recommended. And he’s a fine writer, to boot!” ~ Vincent Czyz (Author, Professor)

“Kevon is truly a master of meditation. I love his style. His energy, words, and genuine heart has personally helped and inspired me to grow, heal, learn, and focus. I look forward to many more sessions with him, as he is absolutely amazing!” ~ Chef Kim Boyce (Heart N’ Soul Catering)

“But most of all, his regard for each of his students goes beyond the the classroom they walk into. He is fully invested in their growth, whether it be their technical, physical, emotional, or spiritual growth.” ~ Derin Adesida (“BOSS” on Starz, Kanye West, Beyonce)

“One of the most inspiring movers of our time, and I have been greatly affected. I also look to Kevon as a spiritual guide, and he has helped me deal with some of the more difficult times of my life with grace and ease.” ~ Zakk Manzella (FlashMob America Choreographer, BLOC)

“Kevon Simpson’s cameo was performed with cobra-like intensity. He had the audience literally spellbound as he moved seamlessly from popular trends to creating shapes that invoked Mayan Hieroglyphs. His ability to transcend the movement made him living art.” ~ Walter Rutledge (

“I have watched Kevon actualize into -not just one of the most talented dancers I know- but also one of the most powerful human beings. One will be in awe if he blesses your stage, and honored if he blesses your life.” ~ Dinna Alexanyan (Sybarite Productions, Love is Love, Arterotica)

“Words can not be expressed or be summed up in a few sentences just how powerful, and awe-inspiring he has been to me as a teacher, mentor, and more importantly, a friend. Despite the tragedies I face, he never ceases to keep the hope, and inspire those fortunate enough to be in his presence, to keep the light within them.” ~ Jamilia Hall (Singer Songwriter)

Would you like to have Kevon come and work with your group? Send a message using the contact form here. 


One thought on “The Mission

  1. Thank you Kevon, for being so patient with all of us and bringing more beauty to our lives. You are a gentle soul and a wonderful and talented Meditation Facilitator. So blessed that you are in the SFB family and that I get to meditate with you each week. Peace.


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