Motivation Mic

Motivation Mic is your chance to get your inspiring story heard. Do you have a speech brewing in your bones? An experience of victory you have been waiting to voice? Perhaps some poetry that makes goosebumps roll across listening skin? Then come and experience the positive vibes of this soul stirring event. Come to inspire … More Motivation Mic

Always With You

Embarrassed of my beating heart flowing like ocean wave to shore of separated self. The crashing sings like a glue made of cinnamon scented memories that grows legs tall enough to touch pastry sky, just past the horizon of wondering what sweetness tomorrow brings, fearful still of falling from so far, I march forward. I … More Always With You

Crossing the Street

“God’s effort to unite strife-torn humanity manifests itself within your heart as the friendship instinct.“ ~ Paramhansa Yogananda, Spiritual Relationships   What would this world be without the beauty of friendship? That deep calling to connect to the spark you see in another’s eye has been a saver of many lives. For when the family … More Crossing the Street

Coming True

The ground has been placed back under my feet, during eye of tempered storm where peace and pain meet, to merge together as battle scars of long lost brothers, who fought the war at different ends, but made it out together. Languid leaves laying lonely still, to become soil of earth of which we till; … More Coming True