Of The Ages

The drum calls a rhythm that pulls the soul gently out of its sleeping For who is able to walk far as a half fed shell You want to know where wisdom comes from? The ageless essence inside your own heart. Let the drum open it. Kevon Simpson 2017 Β©

Mindful Shaman

Eyes wide open, not knowing they’re asleep, so many prefer the token, compassionate tears I weep. Β  Saying “he’s too sensitive” but see, it is not so. I just love you so deeply, show up for your show. Β  See how they wait, clapping before you arrive, set your sight straight, alive but not alive? … More Mindful Shaman

Grandma’s Combs

Those cheap little combs their teeth stung you know little vampires of the scalp nap eradicators they were all for just 99 cents back when gum was a penny the sugar never lasted eat another one fast this comb has missing teeth grandma says my mouth will suffer the same fate but this gum is … More Grandma’s Combs

To My Keepers

Gate Keeper Wisdom Keeper Keeper of the key of words How you open a chord, tuning As forks that vibrate together Familiar sadness, familiar joy, unlocked. You are an opener of worlds Gate Keeper Wisdom Keeper Keeper of the way of words And how they sway to say the same thing Thing same the say … More To My Keepers

On Awakening

You can be in the room with it and it won’t say a word until you’re ready to strip down to the bare bones to shake loose everything you learned to take away even your skin and the idea that you are a body you are worlds built upon worlds ever expanding into secret areas … More On Awakening