Medicine Message 1

Be born today. Allow yourself to be born. Birthing is difficult for the one being born, and the one holding the experience in compassionate care long enough for you to pass through. Fear not what is on the other side of being born so much that you stay in the tunnel, the in between of … More Medicine Message 1


Spraying like spore prints across the land our power lotus flower like made to sprout in mud the muck of our forgotten woe separated from us by the use of clever language that cleaves at self-worth our jeans hang as low as our spirits as our genes cry ancestors turning in their graves twisting double … More Diaspora

Choosing Misery

Emotions can inspire change, create brilliant pieces of art, or even bring more abundance into your life when used productively. As one decides to be mindful in the face of powerful feelings, what is created within the individual, is a delicate space for choice to unfold. A space where we can choose to not say … More Choosing Misery