The Lover Dreams

Sweet sultry silent sound Beyond the sphere cosmic bound Dancing perfect and quiet melody All asleep, the hour past three Closed rapid moving eyes Hear the snore’s dream filled sighs That aim to take away restful peace But angels protect as pain is ceased Wake you will I comfortably dare To see astral sparkles on … More The Lover Dreams


There was so much proving in my early writing. “See how fancy I wield the sword so swift!” Even a movie is a series of still images. The mind is a funny thing you know, it can make you think you are doing so much, when all you are doing is standing still. Movie of … More Prolix

Differences Spoken

1. I find myself writing a spokenword piece And calling myself a poet, but the reality is All words are spoken, if only in the mind Misfired and ejected no longer sustaining self Shouting words to make someone else cry instead Such fresh picked cruelty, fermented fruit The intoxication makes it worth it some nights … More Differences Spoken

Merkabah Flakes

Just like that the moments gone, continues melody of subtle song, infinite orchestra falling from sky, awe profound no room for lie, as cold and wind together start, beauty within thy snowflake’s heart. Was there warmth to make your edge, tip of sky, perhaps fearless ledge, origin of air no need to leap, nor net … More Merkabah Flakes

Traveling Light

But please, let me not die with longing in my heart wishing to walk the leaf’s edge in a fresh cup of tea from a foreign land steaming behind glass that sits in the souvenir shop of my imagination’s dream Let me leave with the memory of flavor a sweet seasoned last breath of spices … More Traveling Light

On Awakening

You can be in the room with it and it won’t say a word until you’re ready to strip down to the bare bones to shake loose everything you learned to take away even your skin and the idea that you are a body you are worlds built upon worlds ever expanding into secret areas … More On Awakening


You have shown me your soft I will not make fun of it that would make you cry you are all pillows on the inside you want someone to lay on you all night and into the morning flip you over on the cool side you are cool, too cool for school and I see … More Treasure


Sometimes I feel like tiny man with only almost dreams, like tea kettle on low, with only half the steam. Where is the air, to make sharp calling sound of whistle? Dreams once made of marble, now come cracked and brittle. What say I to all the friends who believed so dear, that my feet … More Again

Dear Mystery Killer

Dear Mystery Killer, Keep me with my wonder, woeful as it may make your logical left brain, keep your words out of my veins.  I beg of you, keep me in my unknowing, so that I may see a flower – though named before – as a new miracle, a sacred geometric unfolding transfixed by … More Dear Mystery Killer