Look Closer

Dim the light near creaking door, and split the ribbons a little more,
until they fray and fall apart, to reveal hope’s hidden heart,
sneaking awake like tired snore, in throat of man always bored,
waywardly waiting for new start, future missed as bullseye dart.
Haunted by forgotten things, free falling loose as feather’s wing,
ruffled by stab of muse, who see’s the hole and wants new shoes,
walking quietly as cloaked king, knowing not the magic he brings.
If only he could change his view, removing that sunglass tint of blue,
that hides horizons across colored sky, as bird in him refuses to fly.
Timid tongue tied quiet glance, longing only for second chance,
dodging wire webs of the sly, who transmute truth leaving bitter lie,
that unzips itself as lonely pants, in songless soul devoid of dance.
Break free oh mighty man and believe in yourself again,
there in the eye of the mirror is your number one friend.

by Kevon Simpson 2014 ©