Morning Meditation Message 14

The stove did not burn you, you burned yourself by not paying complete attention to your surroundings. Mistakes do happen, but even with those small ones, work on changing the language around how you describe them. Speak in a way that honors your part in the mistake, and make a better choice now, not later. Take responsibility for welcoming the toxic friend back into your life, take responsibility for not being able to sleep because of it, and make a new choice. You are not here to be the emotional punching bag of anyone, and you must choose wisely those that you bring close to your tender heart. Even as you change and grow, there will be those old friends who speak to you in the old way, and expect the old person, in those moments it is in your best interest to respond like the person you are now, not who you were then. Letting go of someone doesn’t have to come with yelling, name calling, and violent text messages. Goodbye, is usually enough. Work on keeping your center as you say goodbye. With no point to prove, and no energy to get riled up and washed away by, notice in that moment that you are creating peace on earth. It is in our small moments of interaction with each other that we give birth to the possibility. A grain of sand makes the beach, a drop of water fills the bucket. Keep always in your heart the possibility of that toxic person or situation changing, write no one off as hopeless. The light reaches all and grows in all. Forgive yourself for your own toxic moments, and you will find compassion to forgive others as well. Have a great week!

Morning Meditation Message 9

With or without anything there is always love, needing no partner to prove its existence as valid, it will flow unhindered. Love does not come with things, so how can it leave without them, its existence is not contingent upon tangible things. Love remains spotless, and unchanged, all there ever was has come from it, endlessly forgiving and boundlessly nourishing, inexhaustible with all the strength one will ever need to forbear the hardships of life in order to make miracles from the tragedy. To make it through, we must remember to hunt for it more within ourselves than anywhere else, for what we come to find in the external search is only there to show us as a reflection, just how much unconditional love we set free and vibrate from our own being. Enjoy this beautiful spring day!

Addiction Prayer

This is a prayer for all my friends who are struggling with addiction
for all who have felt the weight grind into their shoulders
until theirs arms fall off in fetal position,
holding on to the air because there’s nothing left
inside of the body they once knew.
This prayer is for you,
silent struggler of secrets,
with claws strong enough to keep you glued
to an old perception that says you are far from God.

This prayer is a crossing signal sending you love,
so that you may cross the street of yourself,
so that you may meet your beauty and strength again.
Shall the arch of the rainbows bend through the combination lock of your chest,
where you have saved too many things in boxes
and forgot your own packaging while keeping everyone else’s secure.
This poem is a prayer to remind you that you’re worthy of being loved more.

You dress up so nicely and smell so good,
but it is the pain in your aura that plays the strings in my heart.
This poem is a prayer for new start,
so that you may free yourself from self sabotage
and how it can look like smooth sailing.
A prayer for God to hold the railing of your heart
as you walk up the steps of love, light,
creativity, passion and purpose unfolding.

This prayer is a thank you for all you have done to keep your heart safe,
but it is a reminder to remove the rusty chains around your ankles and wrists,
that limit your reach to the ceiling, when you have inherited the entire sky.

This prayer is even for the tears that dry before you cry,
tears you want no one else to see,
my vision is beyond this plane,
and your beauty can not hide from me.

This poem is a prayer for all my friends who are struggling with addiction,
who have reached past the 40 year mark,
to find confusion and dreams squeezed of their joy.

I dreamed of a laughing Buddha that said to me “Infinite Second Chances.”

So remove the fear of failure, forgive yourself, and try again.
This poem is a prayer calling for the presence of your highest friend,
I call that presence here now and all our ancestors, angels, and guides,
to keep you illuminated in the knowingness that all is one,
so even your healing is not separate from the soul power inside you.
This poem is a prayer for all my friends suffering from addiction
and I know you’ll make it through.

by Kevon Simpson  © 2014

Morning Meditation Message 8

Progress happens swift for some and slow for others. In our days here of learning and integrating the messages of the soul, let us learn to be patient. Let us remember that a drop of water fills the bucket, and remember that we may not see all the drops someone is gathering inside them. We may have our physical measuring sticks for physical things, but this is about the non physical aspect of all beings. In this non physical aspect of who we are and who others are, let us remember that the awakening process of another is happening, whether we see proof of it or not. Awakening can happen in the flash of an instant. The progress is inevitable, light is a seed that will always grow, and not always on the logical timetable we come to understand in our limited experience of knowing. No matter the age or how justified we may feel in our pain and what it has taught us, should we ever think that the same thing is happening all over again. Similar, but not the same. Can you see the grain of the lesson you might have missed? Will you make something nourishing of it instead. These are questions to ask in your silent spaces, as you come into the fullness of your being. Enjoy this beautiful day. Sorrow or joy, it is all still a gift. Open it, and your heart too.

The Lover Dreams

Sweet sultry silent sound
Beyond the sphere cosmic bound
Dancing perfect and quiet melody
All asleep, the hour past three

Closed rapid moving eyes
Hear the snore’s dream filled sighs
That aim to take away restful peace
But angels protect as pain is ceased

Wake you will I comfortably dare
To see astral sparkles on eye lash hair
Catch them will I in cup of hand
To keep in heart crossing deserted land

Kevon Simpson © 2015

Morning Meditation Message 6

What is mindfulness? Meditation with the eyes wide open, in the literal sense. If your heart is open, and if your breathing is deep as you witness all around you, this is what is meant by being in the present moment. When you are present, how can you miss what is being fed to your mind? As the body literally becomes what it eats, the mind also becomes what you feed it. Enjoy your entertainment, but make room for something that fills the depths of the soul, something that brightens the mind. If you watch hours and hours of nonsense media, and never take a moment to be with yourself, it really is your own fault that you can’t sleep at night. It is your own fault that when you try to close your eyes, the images and thoughts begin racing. How well can media designed to distract and lead astray completely serve you? What is the symptom of this collective distraction? An incessant sense of urgency as you race to find out what’s happening in your favorite episode of whatever, what’s happening on the facebook page of so and so, what’s the latest shell-of-self-worth product to buy, how fast can you skip that ad, when is Friday getting here, how funny is this video, what am I having for dinner tonight, is the laundry done, who’s on the guest list, who isn’t, how much food can this buy, am I eating right, should I lose weight, should I gain weight, is my nose where it should be, can everyone else see this pimple, wrinkle, smile line, do I still look young, do I still feel young, how young am I compared to so and so, how wealthy am I compared to so and so, I want my old life back, I want my new life, I want them both, I want them both in an instant, who has time for waiting, more coffee, more coffee, more coffee. Doesn’t that sound like insanity to you? Stop feeding it to yourself. If you watch something else, you will think something else. You can not force stillness, you can not force clarity, you must practice them long enough for them to become habitual ways of being. Would you walk through a smog filled city and have the naiveté to think that it wasn’t having an effect on your health? How is it that we live in a culture that feeds us garbage media on a mass scale, and think that it is not having an effect on the overall mental health of the entire population. Smog of the mind. Reality tv = Reality life = nothing real at all. If you want peace, joy, love, happiness, bliss, you’ll have to clean all that mental mess up yourself. Not the therapist, not the book, not this post, not the pill, will jump inside you and change the internal state of chaos our culture has conditioned you to experience. Take your life back. Take your mind back. Breathe. Take a moment to breathe.

Morning Meditation Message 5

Who you are when no one is watching, is who you really are. Even in the face of injustice, keep the possibility of togetherness in your heart, keep the possibility of a unified humanity in your mind. The possibility has nothing to do with what you are actually seeing in front of you, and everything to do with the power of what your thoughts can create. Thoughts of freedom were created before the possibility of freedom was acted upon by those before you, if you are black and can read this, there is your evidence. This is a message of hope that goes beyond the limitation of circumstance. Let your resolve be strengthened by the memory of those who have come before you – whatever your background may be – yes, your people have fought to be heard too. Since we all have fighting-to-be-heard in common, and misunderstandings bubbling over the cups edge, let us fine-tune our listening, ready to clean up what has spilled by accident. Mindful listening, the kind of listening you do with the breathing deep in the bottom of your belly. Listening you do without thinking of a response while the person is still speaking, or while you are still reading their words. It is hard for you to be present with others, because you have a hard time being present with yourself. Stop interrupting the sentences from your own soul, and mindfully listen to the wisdom already inside you. It is always speaking, in a whisper yes, but the possibility is there for it to be heard and set free. See your history? Look how much has been done with even smaller possibilities evident before the taking of the action. Stop complaining, get up, do something. The best part of you is not made of weakness, you are billions of years of strength perfected from a dying stars explosion. Piece yourself back together, your scattering is an illusion. The best part of you is already whole. Count your blessings, starting with the breath you are inhaling and exhaling without permission right now. Count even the water that makes your blinking smooth. See clearly into this moment. Have a wonderful day!

Morning Meditation Message 4

No kindness is wasted. Sometimes we expect the people we help to give us something back of equal value, time, and effort. However, if you are truly giving to someone who needs help, if the service is quantifiable enough, there will be no way for them to pay you back. This is why we must seek our hearts to see if we are worthy of giving help, because often it will create a sense of “having to pay back” in the heart and mind of the one who has been on the receiving end. To paraphrase a point made by Khalil Gibran in his book “The Prophet,” and in light of the selfishness and manipulation that often follows giving “help,” he advises that we should seek to see if our own hearts are worthy of giving such help. Understand however, that this information should not turn you into a doormat of service for people who constantly abuse your presence and the gifts thereof. You must still discern and set boundaries, that allow you proper allocation of your precious moments of time in this fleeting magnificence we call life. A good question to ask yourself before you give “Am I still comfortable giving this ______ if I get nothing in return?” Your answer will reveal the limits of your giving to your own heart, do not go beyond that, for it will create resentfulness. Give, for the sake of the things you have taken. Give as a detached overflow of what you are already abundant with. Though it may not come back from the very hand you helped, seeds sown do grow, your blessings will come in ways and directions that surprise you, be open to them. If you have been giving for years with sincere heart, it is time to be open and receive what is already on its way to you. No kindness is wasted.

Morning Meditation Message 2

Return to the dance. You look up at the sky and you say “stars,” “moon,” “sun,” but do you ever say choreography? Dance is all around you, as is the music, that plays in the heart when you see something beautiful. Indeed, you too, are as beautiful as the mystery you observe. Each country, group of people, or tribe, has its dance. Perhaps you have forgotten some of yours by coming to america, or by being so many generations removed for a reason it hurts to talk about. Let go of the reason, and rekindle that part of you. We live in an age of profound connection, an electrical wireless group mind. To say it simply, do a search on youtube, and find your culture’s dance. Play the music, feel the forgotten part of your genetics stir with rhythmic remembrance of your people from long ago. Feel the remembrance of the power of dance, and how it carries the soul through difficult passages, and even calls down the rain. Don’t worry about getting the steps wrong, or feeling silly, close that door, and dance. The drum beat is in your blood. When you return to the dance of you, you return to the dance of all that is. Enjoy this beautiful day, it was made for you.

Morning Meditation Message 1

In order for you to step into what you are wanting to attract to yourself, you must allow things that no longer serve your highest good to die. This may include old relationships and even parts of yourself that you have long outgrown. The shy you, the victim you, the part of you that likes how delicious resentment can feel, the hurt you, the envious you, the you that thinks someone else’s success takes away from your own. None of those versions of yourself are actually you, they are only habits of an ego insistent upon its own survival at the cost of all else. The real you is a timeless and boundless spark of all creation. All of those inner drops of poison must be overcome for you to truly be happy and attract the life you have been imagining for yourself for so long. You are your own roadblock, step out of your own emotional way. However, be easy on yourself and know that our work in this way is never done, there are always deeper levels of letting go, and deeper levels of growth for each of us to attain. You are an infinite being.

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