Hi Beautiful People,

This is a piece I composed on my Manastone Steel Tongue Drum for healing ceremonial work. Her name is Tully, and I hope she creates the feeling of breathing through your heart. Remember, it is okay to be who you are.

I am open to wonderful collaborative opportunities that will allow the creating of healing music. I am also open to playing at events, art galleries, or any beautiful place that would be complimented by a beautiful sound. I’m open to ideas, let’s connect.

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Morning Meditation Message 18

Situations will arise to put fear and frustration in your heart. If you have cleared your intuitive channels you will be prepared long before they arrive. However, if you aren’t prepared, the situation will still sharpen you and make you much stronger. Be open to that. As you open to the truth of all that is, you will feel relief in remembering that all life is cradled, including your own. Surrender to the moment and experience knowing that all is well, and that you will safely be carried to your next destination. There are bigger forces operating behind the veil supporting you, nourishing you, keeping your life in tact. You can not see gravity, but it is there, acting on even the molecular structure of your being. You can not see certain wavelengths of light, but they are there. Allow yourself to feel safe and cradled during the transition, so that your vibration continues attracting the unfolding of your highest most harmonious purpose on Earth.

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Amen, Ashe, Aho, Namaste. 🙂


Too afraid to need people, too afraid to love
Too afraid to need people, too afraid to hug
Too afraid to be the one on receiving end
Too afraid to be the one, truly a friend

So, we disguise how we need people
With clever little games
Do this and do that for me now
Confusing all the names

Who is it that is owed, if everything is one
Who made the palms of hands
Perhaps that which made the drums
You are harmony made of rhythm
Pretending you don’t need music
So, alone in silence you sit and sulk
Just about to lose it

Blaming all the world
For every problem you face
Still, my compassion remains infinite
A divine gift of grace
I didn’t come to harm you
I only came to care
Now you send those broken wounds
Launched through silent air

How is it that you think
The energy was missed
I know you need me too
For you, a silent  kiss
Blown from hand
In the realm of thought
where all things begin
The reason why you lose
Too focused on the win
The sideways secret game
To get more than you give
Taking food from another
Expecting them to live

You don’t see the pain you cause
Only what’s done to you
How can you let anyone in
With a barbed wire point of view

Too afraid to need people, too afraid to love
Too afraid to need people, too afraid to hug
Too afraid to be the one on receiving end
Too afraid to be the one, truly a friend

Kevon Simpson 2015 ©

The Path Walks Us Too

As we walk our spiritual paths to deeper levels of awakening, our tests will unfold to make us stronger and more resilient in that unfolding. They will arrive to help us affirm who it is that we are, and just how well we have overcome the pressure of conformity; the pressure of being someone we are not. As I grow in my community as a man on a mission of mindfulness, compassion, and peace via the practice of meditation and the sharing of it with others, many arrive with the intent to use my influence for something other than my vision of a unified humanity. I am writing this to remind you that just like me, you can say no to all who try to lead you astray. The word “no,” is a complete sentence on its own.

You don’t have to be pressured to fighting any wars, when quite honestly the war within is enough of a battle in itself. Only you know what you are ready for, and we are most ineffective until we have cleared much of what we are still battling within. For example, how can we work towards world peace, without first mastering forgiveness? Forgiveness is the root on the tree of peace, if you know it not in your personal experience – forgiving yourself for how hard you have been on yourself – how will you be able to forgive the world for how hard people have been on other people? If you haven’t forgiven yourself, you haven’t felt true peace. So how can you lead others to peace, or convince them that it is possible without the sincere subconscious aspect of the possibility for you to act upon from your direct experience of it? Can we teach another how to cook if we have only read cook books and never prepared a meal?

When we don’t face the festering soul boils inside us, we become people who manipulate others to get our own way, or we use power in many of its other unhealthy forms, even using flattery to get someone to do something that is out of alignment with their highest good. This however, is not true power. True power can move silently and still be felt. True power does not require force. True power springs forth from love, and love is like gravity, glue, and opened window all at the same time.  It does not cling and control for the sake of controlling. It does not assume the position of God in anyone else’s life. We each have within us a soul that is connected to all the wisdom, intelligence, and love we will ever need during our time here. Trust that before you trust the people who just want to use you and the energy you’ve built via a dedicated spiritual practice to suit their own ends. When you do decide to trust people, trust that holy source in them, and wait to see that source manifested in their actions before you allow yourself to be lead by them. Not only will doing so help you on your path, it will give you some life long friends along the way.

by Kevon Simpson © 2014

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Distant Space

My skin is made of shooting star, my blood is made of wish.
When my heart beats, it plays a drum spiritual warriors dance to.
I am love’s eclipse peaking over the moon in seasons long gone.
I am the return of sacred space when all is left is dust and war.
Perhaps I am too far out there, far enough to high five your dream,
far enough to shake its hands and walk it back to you,
far enough to send a postcard from the astral planes,
far enough to kiss creativity’s golden lotus petals of peace.

I am closer to you than you think,
skin made of Earth, blood of her rumbling,
relative perspective, I am only as far as she is boundless.
I may be there, but I am still here.
In this vast universe light speeds speak,
they say “all that you are close to,
is the God in each other.”

by Kevon Simpson 2014 ©

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Motivation Mic

Motivation Mic is your chance to get your inspiring story heard. Do you have a speech brewing in your bones? An experience of victory you have been waiting to voice? Perhaps some poetry that makes goosebumps roll across listening skin? Then come and experience the positive vibes of this soul stirring event. Come to inspire and be inspired! We want to hear what you have to say.

Each person gets 8 minutes on the #MoMic!

Where: Simply, Feel Better-Self Health Space
When: Every Third Friday
Doors Open 6:30 pm, Show starts at 7!
How much: $8, Light refreshments served.

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Always With You

Embarrassed of my beating heart flowing like ocean wave to shore of separated self. The crashing sings like a glue made of cinnamon scented memories that grows legs tall enough to touch pastry sky, just past the horizon of wondering what sweetness tomorrow brings, fearful still of falling from so far, I march forward.

I break things to put them back together. Chew to eat. If only the sacrifice meant that you would remember your soul, I would wash your feet with my collected clouds. As surely as the boat sees the lighthouse, so too do I see the source of brightness in you coming clean. You are likened to celestial nourishment, you are part of humanity’s constellation, your sparkling guides out your eyes.

On shore of separated self, your light calls me to write deep past the midnight hours of lonely pillow where crickets sing to find their kin a midst the dying grass of the season. What to make of the heart that welcomes winter in its spring, the heart that affirms failure with enough abundance to read words from a stranger miles away. I pray that you remember what you have even when you think you’ve lost everything, recall that your most prized possession is no thing.

by Kevon Simpson 2014 ©

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