Eadem Mutata Resurgo

Our blood who art thou in each other
hallowed be thy genetic names
Thy Remembrance come
Thy will be done in governments
as it be in peoples’ hearts
Give us this day our daily dose of love
and forgive us our atomic bombs
as we forgive those who destroy our home
And lead us not into brainwashing
but deliver us from manipulation
For in thine own heart is the wisdom
the power, and the glory
for ever and ever

by Kevon Simpson 2013 ©
a poem from Grammatology 

The Butterfly Effect

Leave thy branch beneath thy feet, flutter through the air
Smell the water of a passing cloud, without a single care
Be the elusive essence of beauty that all know as such
A flutter as fair as this, be it not softer to the touch?
So they come with nets and things, to take it all away
Though keep thy beauty in a cage, it passes like the day
Quick and unpredictable, with very little fight
Stunned like Eros when Psyche fell before his sight.

Hatch from the egg casing a new world upon the eyes
Everything for what it really is, uncovered are the lies
Eat the green from leaf to leaf, build the body full
Dodge beak of bird and army ants, avoid the stinging pull
Find yourself a secret place right beneath a leaf
Coast is clear with no one near, cocoon into your heat
Be it dark, be it dank, with not a friend in sight
Cell by cell or wish by wish, build thy wings of light.

by Kevon Simpson 2013 ©
Poem from Grammatology