Morning Meditation Message 12

You have to take responsibility for the loneliness you feel by deciding to get over the fear of rejection – the fear of what other people might think about who you are. It is a fear that dissolves with action. What is the action? Even as your heart quivers and your mind races with reasons to honor your self-defense mechanisms, you must push through and reach out to connect. There are people your heart is calling you to meet, to be around, to grow with and learn from, recognize that and act from that space. Remember that your life in this body is extremely short, so don’t waste your time with the almost of anything. Don’t sit there and imagine so much that you almost know what it’s like to have an experience, no – go forth and have that experience and grow from it. Don’t settle for imagining what its like to be with a group you want to be around. Get up, and go be around them, or him, or her and shake off the shackles of loneliness that you feel. Loneliness is an illusion created by a complex mind that has forgotten the interbeingness of all things. Truly, we are never alone, even the air knows your there. Have a great day!

Morning Meditation Message 10

You think it is on your time, but it is on its own time. You think its responding to your words, but even your voice is a fruit on its tree. What is it that you own? The final taker reminds you that even bodies are borrowed. Knowing this, where is the rush? Where is the hour? Gone so quick. My friend, there is no such thing as rush hour. Can you see between these words? Find a space between what society told you is happening, and what you actually observe from your state of centered awareness. What is more real than the labels we have put on things, is our idea of such things and how we use our thoughts to take action, however unclear. Believing in rush hour makes you rush angrily to your destination, but it is not the hour that causes frustration, nor is it the people. On some level you recognize the absurdity of it all, and you don’t see a way out of the collective madness we’ve sewn. Thousands of people racing to jobs many of them hate, just to eat and survive. Madness where groups of people are packed so tight that they almost squeeze through each other, and yet still they fight even harder to not see each other and how alike their struggles actually are. What a comedy, I can smell your shampoo, but nope I can’t see you. It is clear to see the ridiculousness of our idea of separation and how it manifests in such moments. Will you take five minutes before starting the “rush” of the day to get clear, or is the race to the race more worthy of your attention? If you chose to run, why then complain that the feet tire? Tired feet are a part of such a race, and so is a tired mind. Try it a little differently in your heart today. Step into the present moment and see a soul inside a stranger, and feel as your sense of time slows down. You may not be able to change the collective idea of rush hour, but you can change your internal response to it as you step lively into the gift of this day.

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Morning Meditation Message 4

No kindness is wasted. Sometimes we expect the people we help to give us something back of equal value, time, and effort. However, if you are truly giving to someone who needs help, if the service is quantifiable enough, there will be no way for them to pay you back. This is why we must seek our hearts to see if we are worthy of giving help, because often it will create a sense of “having to pay back” in the heart and mind of the one who has been on the receiving end. To paraphrase a point made by Khalil Gibran in his book “The Prophet,” and in light of the selfishness and manipulation that often follows giving “help,” he advises that we should seek to see if our own hearts are worthy of giving such help. Understand however, that this information should not turn you into a doormat of service for people who constantly abuse your presence and the gifts thereof. You must still discern and set boundaries, that allow you proper allocation of your precious moments of time in this fleeting magnificence we call life. A good question to ask yourself before you give “Am I still comfortable giving this ______ if I get nothing in return?” Your answer will reveal the limits of your giving to your own heart, do not go beyond that, for it will create resentfulness. Give, for the sake of the things you have taken. Give as a detached overflow of what you are already abundant with. Though it may not come back from the very hand you helped, seeds sown do grow, your blessings will come in ways and directions that surprise you, be open to them. If you have been giving for years with sincere heart, it is time to be open and receive what is already on its way to you. No kindness is wasted.


You have shown me your soft
I will not make fun of it
that would make you cry
you are all pillows on the inside
you want someone to lay on you
all night and into the morning
flip you over on the cool side
you are cool, too cool for school
and I see it on the surface
fancy casing from the discount store
where you hide down feathers
they don’t fly anymore
fluff them a little my darling
those soft soft insides of yours
nothing sexual, all tender wound
you have shown me your soft
and I will not make fun of it
nor reveal secrets of your crumbling
I have no desire to manipulate
the canvas of your life
see here, I don’t even lend colors
I just show you your crayons
how could you forget the rainbow
damn it! You are the gold
at the end.

by Kevon Simpson © 2014


Sometimes I feel like tiny man with only almost dreams,
like tea kettle on low, with only half the steam.
Where is the air, to make sharp calling sound of whistle?
Dreams once made of marble, now come cracked and brittle.
What say I to all the friends who believed so dear,
that my feet would walk the water top without a single fear?
While drowning, how can I tell them I’ve fallen far beneath,
the treasure I was hunting for and never got to meet?
How do I find the courage to face them once again,
as cemetery bones cry earth to mock, break, and bend,
everything I thought I knew about my tired self;
see them collecting dust now, those dreams upon the shelf?
Quivering hand and bedside lamp, reaching careful touch,
perhaps I’ll pull them closer now, I’ve missed them oh so much.

by Kevon Simpson © 2014


I know where to go,
how to compound words so tightly,
they squeeze moisture out of the air,
but only in the shape of golden tears.
Treasure, at the end of rainbows.

Set it on a mark to go!
Your flow can set a hand free.
Heart can be your new start,
free fly and find tomorrow’s glee.

I have a chest made of map;
know thyself is written across the top,
where myself remains smitten sapped,
I go sweetly within my souls glowing pot.

It sings like. . .

mysterious melodious magic music,
that moves it past the point of pain;
like cranes that fly to lift
heavy things that no longer sing
to deeply planted grain.

Grow to the heights of tallest tree!

Set your heart free!
Like mysterious melodious magic music.
Eye on the goal, walking rubble road,
sure to touch it, even after fork-split.

Our souls are made of bliss!

I know where to go,
how to compound words so tightly,
they squeeze moisture out of the air,
but only in the shape of golden tears,
that later become rainbow treasure,
that frees us from our fears.

by Kevon Simpson © 2014

How Can I Serve You?

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October’s Motivation Mic

Our last Motivation Mic was a very special event, love and inspiration filled the air! There is nothing like seeing powerful people stand in the light of their stories, filled with the contagious bravery it takes to share their most intimate convictions gathered in this magnificent experience of life. In order to receive a blessing, it is wise to be a blessing in the lives of others. If we are to live a life of service, and acknowledge that we are indeed our brothers’ keeper, at times we will be called to provide something for a community that didn’t even know it needed it. On Oct17th, 2014 not only did I get to hear some wonderful soul stirring stories, but I also celebrated my 32nd birthday. Please take a look at our video, and remember to subscribe and share!

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Feet of a broken heart are swift to start,
to find thy gift from which thy parts.
Remember it not, and forget the most,
the one who helped and held you close.
The time will come for those tears again,
and you will need the forgotten friend.
Forgiveness knows no lock and key,
except thy heart’s lonely plea.

by Kevon Simpson © 2014

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Distant Space

My skin is made of shooting star, my blood is made of wish.
When my heart beats, it plays a drum spiritual warriors dance to.
I am love’s eclipse peaking over the moon in seasons long gone.
I am the return of sacred space when all is left is dust and war.
Perhaps I am too far out there, far enough to high five your dream,
far enough to shake its hands and walk it back to you,
far enough to send a postcard from the astral planes,
far enough to kiss creativity’s golden lotus petals of peace.

I am closer to you than you think,
skin made of Earth, blood of her rumbling,
relative perspective, I am only as far as she is boundless.
I may be there, but I am still here.
In this vast universe light speeds speak,
they say “all that you are close to,
is the God in each other.”

by Kevon Simpson 2014 ©

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