You have shown me your soft I will not make fun of it that would make you cry you are all pillows on the inside you want someone to lay on you all night and into the morning flip you over on the cool side you are cool, too cool for school and I see … More Treasure


Sometimes I feel like tiny man with only almost dreams, like tea kettle on low, with only half the steam. Where is the air, to make sharp calling sound of whistle? Dreams once made of marble, now come cracked and brittle. What say I to all the friends who believed so dear, that my feet … More Again


I know where to go, how to compound words so tightly, they squeeze moisture out of the air, but only in the shape of golden tears. Treasure,Β at the end of rainbows. Set it on a mark to go! Your flow can set a hand free. Heart can be your new start, free fly and find … More Golden


Feet of a broken heart are swift to start, to find thy gift from which thy parts. Remember it not, and forget the most, the one who helped and held you close. The time will come for those tears again, and you will need the forgotten friend. Forgiveness knows no lock and key, except thy … More Seasonal

Distant Space

My skin is made of shooting star, my blood is made of wish. When my heart beats, it plays a drum spiritual warriors dance to. I am love’s eclipse peaking over the moon in seasons long gone. I am the return of sacred space when all is left is dust and war. Perhaps I am … More Distant Space