To My Keepers

Gate Keeper Wisdom Keeper Keeper of the key of words How you open a chord, tuning As forks that vibrate together Familiar sadness, familiar joy, unlocked. You are an opener of worlds Gate Keeper Wisdom Keeper Keeper of the way of words And how they sway to say the same thing Thing same the say … More To My Keepers

Morning Meditation Message 15

Having almost drowned twice I have a sincere appreciation for the air that I can always call upon. You are afraid to die because you love being here, problems and all. Embrace the fact that you love life and all its richness. The roller coaster of experience and the wide-eyed stories you tell, you love it all. Isn’t it true that even the tears feel good when they have been cried? Such sweet emotional release woven into it all. … More Morning Meditation Message 15

The Lover Dreams

Sweet sultry silent sound Beyond the sphere cosmic bound Dancing perfect and quiet melody All asleep, the hour past three Closed rapid moving eyes Hear the snore’s dream filled sighs That aim to take away restful peace But angels protect as pain is ceased Wake you will I comfortably dare To see astral sparkles on … More The Lover Dreams

Merkabah Flakes

Just like that the moments gone, continues melody of subtle song, infinite orchestra falling from sky, awe profound no room for lie, as cold and wind together start, beauty within thy snowflake’s heart. Was there warmth to make your edge, tip of sky, perhaps fearless ledge, origin of air no need to leap, nor net … More Merkabah Flakes


I know where to go, how to compound words so tightly, they squeeze moisture out of the air, but only in the shape of golden tears. Treasure, at the end of rainbows. Set it on a mark to go! Your flow can set a hand free. Heart can be your new start, free fly and find … More Golden

Motivation Mic

Motivation Mic is your chance to get your inspiring story heard. Do you have a speech brewing in your bones? An experience of victory you have been waiting to voice? Perhaps some poetry that makes goosebumps roll across listening skin? Then come and experience the positive vibes of this soul stirring event. Come to inspire … More Motivation Mic

Heart of Harp

Free your heart as start of harp, and wear your heart strings like musical wings, that find sanctity in the memory of forgotten history, to uncover portions of your self measured biblically. Do you know how amazing you are? Your teeth smile but your eyes hide scars, that beep through traffic like panicked cars. I … More Heart of Harp