Thank You HIV

Can you say it with me? “Thank you H.I.V” It’s a tough one I know. For now I can only say it with the emotions in my heart, on the tip of overflow. For now, saying that doesn’t make complete sense. It’s so much easier to just be angry – to fall into the vibration … More Thank You HIV


Too afraid to need people, too afraid to love Too afraid to need people, too afraid to hug Too afraid to be the one on receiving end Too afraid to be the one, truly a friend So, we disguise how we need people With clever little games Do this and do that for me now … More Help


Spraying like spore prints across the land our power lotus flower like made to sprout in mud the muck of our forgotten woe separated from us by the use of clever language that cleaves at self-worth our jeans hang as low as our spirits as our genes cry ancestors turning in their graves twisting double … More Diaspora