PsyJam Picnic in Prospect Park

PsyJam Picnic in Prospect park is an event of community bonding, networking, friendship, music and more. We will gather around our magic picnic blanket pot luck style. This is a wonderful opportunity for those in the psychonaut community (and you curious ones) to come together and have questions answered while having a fun time. But lets not forget the most important part… YOUR AWESOME INSTRUMENT! Rattles and Cowbells count! Get on our No Mic Open Mic and share your poetry, original songs, or tales of the transcendent. This is an experience for the heart. See you there! Dancing is encouraged. 🙂

Psychonaut + Jam = PsyJam

Entheogen Integration Circle

New York, NY
945 Lovelights

A community for those who have had life altering entheogen experiences (or are curious), and would like a community in which to prepare for, and/or integrate the lessons learn…

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