Guided meditation lead by Kevon Simpson where all are welcomed to sit together in peace, love, and compassion. Group and private sessions available.

Refreshing Guidelines:

1. Bring a journal. Though wisdom lives inside of you infinitely, moments of insight can be fleeting. Having a journal is handy for those after session moments of clarity that allow you to collect guidance from your soul.

2. Come with an open mind and heart. Walkers of all faiths are welcome to be an example of a humanity that works together despite its differences. Respect each persons history with kindness held in your heart. Choose understanding before distance, as we want all to be comfortable.

3. Keep conversation uplifting and on topic so that all may leave with the full benefit of sitting with a group. Topics are picked to inspire a personal meditation practice. They are also picked to inspire deeper soul connection to something bigger than we are. They are not an opportunity to vent for the sake of venting.

4. Turn cell phones, tablets, cameras, and all other electronics off. Disconnect to reconnect. Save all picture taking for use on social media for after the meditation. Electronic devices distract from the voice within, even when they are vibrating quietly in the bottom of your pocket. Do not put them on silent, turn them off. You can do it! πŸ™‚

5. Make a conscious effort to maintain peace, love, and compassion in the group with the words you choose to speak. If your words will not inspire clarity and ease, remember that silence is okay. People come to experience silence, let us each help the other in that regard by being mindful of our speech. Save complaints and deep issues for a private moment or sitting, so that others can still leave in peace. When speaking, keep it short (about a minute) so that everyone has a chance to share their insights of wisdom should they choose to do so.

6. Practice at home to keep the benefits of meditation flowing through your life. The more you do that, the more uplifting energy you will be able to share with others in your life, including those in the group. Doing so will allow you to remember the brilliant wisdom already inside of you.


More locations coming soon.

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