Merkabah Flakes

Just like that the moments gone,
continues melody of subtle song,
infinite orchestra falling from sky,
awe profound no room for lie,
as cold and wind together start,
beauty within thy snowflake’s heart.

Was there warmth to make your edge,
tip of sky, perhaps fearless ledge,
origin of air no need to leap,
nor net to catch thy wind of sleep,
perfect individual gone so soon,
shovel, salt, sand and moon.

Know I something of this bright,
endless shining in darkest night,
genuflect thy magic much,
bitter broken by sweetest touch,
such simple beauty dare I say,
feign I knowing mystery’s way.

by Kevon Simpson © 2015

Traveling Light

But please, let me not die with longing in my heart
wishing to walk the leaf’s edge in a fresh cup of tea
from a foreign land steaming behind glass that sits
in the souvenir shop of my imagination’s dream

Let me leave with the memory of flavor
a sweet seasoned last breath of spices
sold at the market of my turbaned heart
wrapping experience as a sparkling jewel

I desire to depart with less woe
not a single too-late left to bare
the strength to finish everything
moistened finger tip and crumbs

Empty backpack postcards sent
train, plane, horse, and camel
dunes, secret rituals, and brews
the shoulder of another language

souvenir shop of my imagination’s dream
wrapping experience as a sparkling jewel
moistened finger tips and crumbs
even the shoulder of another language
‘twixt I leave this journey of my soul

by Kevon Simpson © 2015

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They Said He Doesn’t Know

Could one remind you of your beauty knowing not his own,
wouldn’t experience’s lack flash be swiftly shown,
if he knew not what he was doing, how is it that you see,
the love in all the faces, flowing heals so effortlessly,
are you waiting for him to brag, or shout it loud and proud,
but what would that make him, but a gimmick behind a shroud,
should he sit and count the souls that he has helped to mend,
could he be so egotistical and still allow blessings to bend,
from the tip of astral possibility suddenly becoming mold,
like ancient clay you’ve heard them say “his spirit is so old,”
perhaps you think his purpose just came in on a whim,
maybe it’s not he who sees himself not, are you sure that you see him

There there in skinny arms, your tears have come to be bared,
do you find him novice in that moment or even half-way scared,
of the tireless mission moving mountains to free of night and mare,
do you think his need for solitude and silence means he doesn’t care,
perhaps you think he calls your soul, to validate bruised broken self,
but see how long he plays alone, old book upon a shelf,
-is all he needs for hours on end to simply pass the time,
wasn’t he the graceful dancer melting all your rime,
how it collected on that tired heart so weary from winter walk,
wasn’t he protective as an owl while he listened to you talk
so how is it that you think, he really doesn’t know,
the secret you say he unlocked in you, also helps him glow.

But here is the mystery, some healers won’t dare to say,
it is none of us that gives anything, but light that gives the day.

by Kevon Simpson © 2015

Workshop: Write Your Soul Free coming in February!
Photo Credit: Cameron Gray


Dear Mystery Killer

Dear Mystery Killer,

Keep me with my wonder, woeful as it may make your logical left brain, keep your words out of my veins.  I beg of you, keep me in my unknowing, so that I may see a flower – though named before – as a new miracle, a sacred geometric unfolding transfixed by ray of light. Tell me, how in memory does the scent of an orchid take flight? Labeled have you the parts of the eye, but how is it that you factually see, that because I choose to embrace the wonder, somehow the world has gotten the best of me? I lift my head from the pillow, I am more awake than you remember, more awake than the soul you can’t hear sing, overridden with logic that lays behind to clip your wings. Speak to me when sleepless nights, that wrap your rib-cage with the lullaby illusion of knowing through touch, grow old and from your heart release their tired clutch. We are more than physical. Your bed of arrogance is comfortable, and though I may seem trapped to you, it is your mind that is not free, and so your understanding of my spirit, will always swiftly flee.


by Kevon Simpson © 2014

Choosing Misery

Emotions can inspire change, create brilliant pieces of art, or even bring more abundance into your life when used productively. As one decides to be mindful in the face of powerful feelings, what is created within the individual, is a delicate space for choice to unfold. A space where we can choose to not say the hurtful thing, or take the vengeful act, or sabotage our very own dreams. Quite often we feel that the emotions are choosing us, and that we have no say in the matter. However, though it can be difficult at times, there is always a choice. When we practice meditation, we give our lives the gift of realizing the whispering moment that pulls us out of the passionate destructive reaction to what is happening around us.

On my most recent healing shamanic journey, something unexpected was revealed to me in a way that I will never forget. As I sat in my meditation room experiencing moments of at times tear filled pain, and others ecstatic joy, I saw a point in my mind I did not notice so clearly before. As clear as you can see the light switch on the wall, so vibrantly did I see my ability to choose joy, or misery. In the wellness community we acknowledge the infinite nature of well-being all around us, and we do not doubt that love is indeed infinite. In my journey I saw that even misery is infinite, and this was a most frightening realization. I could feel the plight of humanity deep in my bones. The reason behind how so many of my brothers and sisters are unable to see that they are choosing to live in pain became clear to me. They literally do not see that they are choosing it. How? By being caught in infinite loops of self-doubt, revenge, lack of forgiveness for self and others, crippling fear of the unknown; the list went on infinitely. My eyes widened with shock, and compassion poured out of my soul, this realization made me want to help people even more.

As the water wears down the rock, more rock is pushed up from the earth, as this is the nature of life, creation holding the hand of destruction. There is balance in both the misery and the beauty, and as sentient, conscious beings in the experience of life, who are able to analytically decipher our experience as good or bad, at times we allow our minds to over think to the point of never moving out of our own misery. What we think we figured out in our hours of analyzing, seems to add gasoline to fire, instead of putting out the flames. Then, as we succumb to the futility of our efforts, what we look for next are ways in which we can find more things to distract us from the pain within that we are unwilling to face and let go.

Letting go is the key we avoid, because we like to convince our minds that the misery of pain, is a more delicious door to open than the freedom of our relief. But that is a habit of choosing the known, that willingly leaves forgiveness as the unknown. If someone has hurt you, you believe that letting go and forgiving them, means that you will allow another to do it to you again, and you believe that your discomfort makes them suffer, but neither is the truth. A lack of forgiveness is only a comfort zone, and the source of our misery is quite often a comfort zone we have long outgrown. If you go forward with mindfulness and self respect, the same fate can not befall you once the lesson has already been learned. So then, holding on to the misery has no use, other than lowering your immune cells by increasing the hormones released by emotional distress, and causing your life great pain, due to your inability to open up and be loved by all around you.

Why let it go when it can be fuel for the artistic master piece? Why let it go when it can be the fuel for the victim mentality that leaves everyone else to take care of you? Why let go when the pain feels so good? Are you really ready to move on to your best life? Is there another way to be creatively inspired? Take time to answer those questions on your own, perhaps it is time to do things in a healthier way that sustains your overall well-being.

Though I don’t have much, I can still smile and help others smile. Many strangers have cried healing tears on my shoulders. I share with them the abundance of my compassionate heart, a heart that chooses joy instead of misery more often than not. We may not always get it right, but we can always try again in this moment, for indeed it is a new moment. In my journey I saw that misery can create a comfortable illusion, that robs one of true happiness everyday. We can be financially secure and spiritually bankrupt, for it is not having things that makes one smile from the soul, it is the love of friends, family, and living a life of fulfilled purpose that creates true joy. A joy so true that we would need no other substance to numb us from the reality of our failure.

Remember that success has many sides to it, free yourself from the misery by making time for silent introspection, and allow the letting go of what is no longer serving your higher self. Go on a Shamanic Journey with a trusted spiritual professional, and meditate on the reality of your freedom; know that you have the strength to heal and overcome whatever it is that has happened to you. Let go of all that is not helping you uphold an openhearted view of the path ahead. You deserve it, so choose it! Let that misery be infinite somewhere else!

by Kevon Simpson © 2014

When Now Is Not Enough

Ribbons wrap an old memory like silk
slipped into the velvet of yesterdays’ smile
we wait for the return of shadows

Watch close, it is always noon somewhere else
feet rest upon the ottoman mass produced
even the spilled milk worries and wallows

wailing at the wind a flag held by string
our limp wrists dance like wires after a storm
powerless, are the letters we swallow

ears pressed to the carpeted floor retired
as we wait for the rumble of covered earth
cement mixes into the chests we borrowed

Quick, draw your name before it hardens
swift, before the ribbon ties your hands
stitched with promises of tomorrow

by Kevon Simpson © 2014

The Path Walks Us Too

As we walk our spiritual paths to deeper levels of awakening, our tests will unfold to make us stronger and more resilient in that unfolding. They will arrive to help us affirm who it is that we are, and just how well we have overcome the pressure of conformity; the pressure of being someone we are not. As I grow in my community as a man on a mission of mindfulness, compassion, and peace via the practice of meditation and the sharing of it with others, many arrive with the intent to use my influence for something other than my vision of a unified humanity. I am writing this to remind you that just like me, you can say no to all who try to lead you astray. The word “no,” is a complete sentence on its own.

You don’t have to be pressured to fighting any wars, when quite honestly the war within is enough of a battle in itself. Only you know what you are ready for, and we are most ineffective until we have cleared much of what we are still battling within. For example, how can we work towards world peace, without first mastering forgiveness? Forgiveness is the root on the tree of peace, if you know it not in your personal experience – forgiving yourself for how hard you have been on yourself – how will you be able to forgive the world for how hard people have been on other people? If you haven’t forgiven yourself, you haven’t felt true peace. So how can you lead others to peace, or convince them that it is possible without the sincere subconscious aspect of the possibility for you to act upon from your direct experience of it? Can we teach another how to cook if we have only read cook books and never prepared a meal?

When we don’t face the festering soul boils inside us, we become people who manipulate others to get our own way, or we use power in many of its other unhealthy forms, even using flattery to get someone to do something that is out of alignment with their highest good. This however, is not true power. True power can move silently and still be felt. True power does not require force. True power springs forth from love, and love is like gravity, glue, and opened window all at the same time.  It does not cling and control for the sake of controlling. It does not assume the position of God in anyone else’s life. We each have within us a soul that is connected to all the wisdom, intelligence, and love we will ever need during our time here. Trust that before you trust the people who just want to use you and the energy you’ve built via a dedicated spiritual practice to suit their own ends. When you do decide to trust people, trust that holy source in them, and wait to see that source manifested in their actions before you allow yourself to be lead by them. Not only will doing so help you on your path, it will give you some life long friends along the way.

by Kevon Simpson © 2014

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Let Your Soul Define

“Neither lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination nor both together go to the making of a genius. Love, love, love that is the soul of genius.” ~ Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Because we are social creatures by nature, we look for who we are in the opinions of others, and sometimes these others don’t have the best view of us in mind. So when we let them define us, we fall short of recognizing the amazing being that we are.  We put ourselves into the prison of being only what they can see.  Many people see through a lens tinted with the color of the past, and they see you through that color, and they believe that all see with that clouded color. Their vision of you should be taken with a grain of salt, especially if the person has not silenced the mind and opened the heart enough to hear and embrace their own calling in life. Such a person is inadequate at helping others unfold from a soul level, for they still know very little about their own.

For that reason I say, in meditation and prayer, ask your soul instead, as it is your direct connection to all that is. It is your reliable link to that which we call God, Source, or The Supreme Being, the names are many. Within that beautiful soul of yours is infinity, and the manifestation of every dream your heart desires, so long as it is in alignment with the highest good for all. Your soul knows you better than anybody, and has a much richer library of experience, it will reveal to you your best qualities and the next step you can take to experience that dream, in this divine celebration we call life.

by Kevon Simpson © 2014

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Look Closer

Dim the light near creaking door, and split the ribbons a little more,
until they fray and fall apart, to reveal hope’s hidden heart,
sneaking awake like tired snore, in throat of man always bored,
waywardly waiting for new start, future missed as bullseye dart.
Haunted by forgotten things, free falling loose as feather’s wing,
ruffled by stab of muse, who see’s the hole and wants new shoes,
walking quietly as cloaked king, knowing not the magic he brings.
If only he could change his view, removing that sunglass tint of blue,
that hides horizons across colored sky, as bird in him refuses to fly.
Timid tongue tied quiet glance, longing only for second chance,
dodging wire webs of the sly, who transmute truth leaving bitter lie,
that unzips itself as lonely pants, in songless soul devoid of dance.
Break free oh mighty man and believe in yourself again,
there in the eye of the mirror is your number one friend.

by Kevon Simpson 2014 ©


Crossing the Street

God’s effort to unite strife-torn humanity manifests itself within your heart as the friendship instinct.

~ Paramhansa Yogananda, Spiritual Relationships


What would this world be without the beauty of friendship? That deep calling to connect to the spark you see in another’s eye has been a saver of many lives. For when the family doesn’t understand, isn’t the friend always there? And if you are blessed enough to have family as friends, sadness can not enter your heart and live there too long. And if there is no friend without, then there is always the infinite friend within, and this friend will never leave you. The most joyous, abundant, successful parts of my life have been the result of powerful spiritual friendships; light reflecting light.

Within the past year alone, I lost an aunt to cancer, and a grandmother to old age. The devastation that unfurled within the collective heart of my family brought us all back together. I think we all finally understand that our time here on this planet is limited. For it is indeed true that about 100 years from now, all that you know to be, all the people you have smiled at, all the arms you have hugged, lips you have kissed, will be gone. Though, this is not an invitation to sadness.

This is an invitation to celebration! Use your time here wisely, reach out to that old family member, reach out to that old friend, but always with your heart first. Forgive them in the light of your heart, tap their shoulder with the light of your heart, then give them a call, and make plans to meet for dinner, tea, whatever you like. Reach always for the friend within, for this friend is omnipresent. That friend within is an infinite organizer of the most minute details of your soul’s dream, and you are never truly alone. And in remembrance of that, love all around you like it will all one day be gone. Then you will truly be living, because to accept death as an inevitability, frees up the soul and allows it to shine through the body’s limited time here. You will stop being debilitated by your fear of failure, for it is the fear of being hit by a car that stop many from crossing the street. But it can be quite simple, all we have to do is make eye and soul contact with those around us, all we have to do is look at the lights.