Scrambling to find the maps hidden in medicine songs we sing in tongues unfamiliar. Earth quaking beneath feat, as if history wants to shake lose the lost notion of itself. Something buried wants to be remembered by us all, and screams through the rumbling, the crumbling of all that seemed so permanent. Firmament sparkling dew … More Womankind 

Midwife of Secrets

Words are written all the way inside on the back corner of my heart. It’s not even, off-balance it is, not written, to confuse you. You will wonder just why it was carved that particular way on such ageless stone. Far enough in each comes to see where I run out of paper becomes the … More Midwife of Secrets


Orange has new meaning these days tears that melt off of detained faces they are not crying, they are changing states a piece of the dream is moving across borders from solid to liquid like science class its just chemistry and math you know Nothing racist or personal, and “we are all one anyway” they … More Creamsicle

Thank You HIV

Can you say it with me? “Thank you H.I.V” It’s a tough one I know. For now I can only say it with the emotions in my heart, on the tip of overflow. For now, saying that doesn’t make complete sense. It’s so much easier to just be angry – to fall into the vibration … More Thank You HIV

Differences Spoken

1. I find myself writing a spokenword piece And calling myself a poet, but the reality is All words are spoken, if only in the mind Misfired and ejected no longer sustaining self Shouting words to make someone else cry instead Such fresh picked cruelty, fermented fruit The intoxication makes it worth it some nights … More Differences Spoken