Kevon Simpson was born on Oct 17, 1982 in Queens Village, NYC to a strong Jamaican woman who left her home 3 months pregnant to give her children a better life in America. She was his first spiritual guide, and the source of inspiration for his early works of poetry. As a native New Yorker he went to school at the historic Weeksville Elementary School P.S. 243, once known as “Colored School no. 2,” as it was part of one of the first sustainable free African American communities in America. It was there that he was exposed to the realities of slavery at a very young age, and the struggle of being black. School trips, assemblies, and marches with Al Sharpton were a common part of his elementary school experience, long before he understood the significance of such life molding events. It was at one of such assemblies where Al Sharpton gave a speech to inspire the community, that Kevon Simpson recited his first poem for the public at 11 years old.

For many years after, his poems would become a secret, and ever so often he would share one with his mother, who always encouraged his gift. As a shy, and soft spoken young man, it would be a long time before he had the confidence to share his words again. It was during these sensitive years that he began learning the art of Shotokan Karate, after a bullying incident in school. Under the instruction of Renshi Jaqueline Drayton of Kan Cobra USA, he received his Black Belt at 19 years old, and became known in the community of Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NYC as Sensei Kevon. He was known for flawless kicks, and perfect Kata. Though he still did not enjoy fighting, he trained many young men, women, and adults how to focus on the power within, for it was where his private meditation practice began.

After leaving his dojo to pursue a career in dance and poetry, he began taking dance classes at Broadway Dance Center, and Long Island University’s Brooklyn Campus. At this time he also began youth writing workshop at Urban Word New York. His feet were clumsy, and his body was stiff, and his dreams of choreography were a long way away. But his time spent with Urban Word would prove more fruitful, as he quickly became a feature poet of the organization, performing for them at Nuyorican Poets Cafe, and BAM Cafe. After taking only one workshop he was offered a position to teach, but declined because he did not feel confident in his ability to teach poetry at the time. Filled with incessant doubt, he was completely unaware of his natural gift with words.

He was now years into his meditation practice and rigorously studied spirituality from other cultures. Though he grew up Christian, he was on a mission to find the common unifying thread in religion, spirituality, and science. During a deep meditation one lonely night, he felt a surge of energy travel up his spine, and felt an amazing feeling of bliss roll over him. He felt a powerful connection to the people in his life, and a deep profound ineffable connection to the Earth. It was a soul awakening moment that made him marvel at the dormant power of love laying within him, and all people.  After this Kundalini awaking experience, he decide to dedicate his life to helping others unlock the deeper powerful aspect of themselves, to find the all connecting source within.

His dancing got better over time, and he became know in the dance community for his fresh dance style which combined fluid hip hop dance moves, with modern dance, and the sharpness from his years as a martial artist. His meditation practice gave him a soul touching quality and stillness even during the swift expression of movement. He became choreographer for the New York chapter of the international dance company Dance2xs, and then his own dance company WAND (We All Need Dance), taking his work all the way to the Carnival Choreographers showcase in Los Angelas California. He later went on to dance for Fall Out Boy, Gia Bella, and became the opening act of Sybarite’s Showcase Love is Love, at the Highline Ballroom . His sincerity of emotion during movement caught the eye of world traveling choreographer Cecilia Marta (CMDC, Cirque Du Soliel), and in the summer of 2012, he was asked to be a soloist in Cecilia Marta’s Dance Company performance at the prestigious event, Summerstage in Central Park on the main stage.

No longer the shy boy who lacked confidence, he has grown into a powerful inspiring man, who uses his poetry, dance, martial arts, and spirituality to uplift people where ever he goes. He currently resides in Jersey City, NJ where he works as a mindful activist on a mission of world peace. He has been a feature poet for Jersey City’s NAACP, The Church of Incarnation, Wordsmithing Unplugged, Sustainable Jersey City, Arthouse, Suffern Poetry, and many more. He is the meditation guru of Simply Feel Better Self Health Space where he helps the community heal in his event Meditation Mondays. He also teaches dance at Xtreme Dance Studio where his adding of meditation to the teaching curriculum has literally transformed every dancer in the company. Some have gone on to win 1st place and platinum trophies dancing his choreography in national competitions.

If you would like to have him come in and do work with your group or organization, perform, or would like to discuss a collaborative effort, please see the Events and Services page, or Contact him here.



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