Just Start

There are skills inside of you that are begging to be brought up to the surface of your being once again. I know you just went through what may be one of the hardest times of your life, but I am here to remind you that everything in this deep walk of awakening comes to widen your heart, not shrink it.
When you look up at the night sky tonight, I want you to do our collective family of light a favor. Instead of counting each one, thank it. Thank the heavens for all the times the rain has become your blood stream, even tough you were wrought with worry, over thought of what tomorrow might bring.
We have lost many people during these strange shifting times, and yet we still have you. Somewhere inside of me knows that you still being here, means that a miracle of grace is taking place. To my subscribers who are still here, welcome to a new chapter. This is my first time sharing after so long, and thus I hope it is an invitation for you to dust of that which may be hindering your walk towards a better tomorrow.

Sometimes all we have to do, is start.

Stick around, the best is yet to come.

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