Morning Meditation Message 7

Concentration is a gift you give to yourself. The ability to focus intently upon one thing with sincerity of heart, brings it closer to you. Sometimes it is not about distance or time, and more about vibration. Literally, how you feel in your heart, radiates out to all the world. On the truest level of being, there are no secrets, that which is in all, knows all, speaks to all. So, if what is in the silent spaces of your heart, is frustration, rage, anger, envy and so on, why think that smiling on the face will disguise this? You are always seen, not as a fear based threat or punishment – you are always seen, because you are always loved, and always have been. Watching, being aware, is a kind of love that none of us had to earn. This was a natural part of us before taking this physical body, and is a part of us even now. What am I trying to say this morning? What you seek is also seeking you, and so to honor that, you must let go of what is letting go of you. Clinging, even to the idea of how justified your frustration, rage, and anger may be, does noting for your health or the pursuit of your goals. It literally makes your immune system weaker, and keeps your dreams and goals away from you, which then makes you more upset and bitter, which then lowers your immune system some more, and on and on the cycle goes until you end up in the hospital blaming the world for it all. Forgive and let go. You are the landlord of your own mind. What kind of tenants have you moved in? Catch yourself today, in that moment of the knee-jerk response to whatever it is that bothers you, change the thought. Take a deep breath, and change the thought, this is likened to changing the keys. Are you following the metaphor? Stop painting the house to fix a leak in the basement, the work is internal. Be patient with yourself as you would be with a small child, and in time you will build a wellspring of resilience, the focus needed, to truly reach your goal. We are all children on the inside, the tantrums however, can be a little bit more complex. Stop. Enjoy this lovely day, it is a gift, and so is the life in you.

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