Morning Meditation Message 6

What is mindfulness? Meditation with the eyes wide open, in the literal sense. If your heart is open, and if your breathing is deep as you witness all around you, this is what is meant by being in the present moment. When you are present, how can you miss what is being fed to your mind? As the body literally becomes what it eats, the mind also becomes what you feed it. Enjoy your entertainment, but make room for something that fills the depths of the soul, something that brightens the mind. If you watch hours and hours of nonsense media, and never take a moment to be with yourself, it really is your own fault that you can’t sleep at night. It is your own fault that when you try to close your eyes, the images and thoughts begin racing. How well can media designed to distract and lead astray completely serve you? What is the symptom of this collective distraction? An incessant sense of urgency as you race to find out what’s happening in your favorite episode of whatever, what’s happening on the facebook page of so and so, what’s the latest shell-of-self-worth product to buy, how fast can you skip that ad, when is Friday getting here, how funny is this video, what am I having for dinner tonight, is the laundry done, who’s on the guest list, who isn’t, how much food can this buy, am I eating right, should I lose weight, should I gain weight, is my nose where it should be, can everyone else see this pimple, wrinkle, smile line, do I still look young, do I still feel young, how young am I compared to so and so, how wealthy am I compared to so and so, I want my old life back, I want my new life, I want them both, I want them both in an instant, who has time for waiting, more coffee, more coffee, more coffee. Doesn’t that sound like insanity to you? Stop feeding it to yourself. If you watch something else, you will think something else. You can not force stillness, you can not force clarity, you must practice them long enough for them to become habitual ways of being. Would you walk through a smog filled city and have the naiveté to think that it wasn’t having an effect on your health? How is it that we live in a culture that feeds us garbage media on a mass scale, and think that it is not having an effect on the overall mental health of the entire population. Smog of the mind. Reality tv = Reality life = nothing real at all. If you want peace, joy, love, happiness, bliss, you’ll have to clean all that mental mess up yourself. Not the therapist, not the book, not this post, not the pill, will jump inside you and change the internal state of chaos our culture has conditioned you to experience. Take your life back. Take your mind back. Breathe. Take a moment to breathe.

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