Morning Meditation Message 4

No kindness is wasted. Sometimes we expect the people we help to give us something back of equal value, time, and effort. However, if you are truly giving to someone who needs help, if the service is quantifiable enough, there will be no way for them to pay you back. This is why we must seek our hearts to see if we are worthy of giving help, because often it will create a sense of “having to pay back” in the heart and mind of the one who has been on the receiving end. To paraphrase a point made by Khalil Gibran in his book “The Prophet,” and in light of the selfishness and manipulation that often follows giving “help,” he advises that we should seek to see if our own hearts are worthy of giving such help. Understand however, that this information should not turn you into a doormat of service for people who constantly abuse your presence and the gifts thereof. You must still discern and set boundaries, that allow you proper allocation of your precious moments of time in this fleeting magnificence we call life. A good question to ask yourself before you give “Am I still comfortable giving this ______ if I get nothing in return?” Your answer will reveal the limits of your giving to your own heart, do not go beyond that, for it will create resentfulness. Give, for the sake of the things you have taken. Give as a detached overflow of what you are already abundant with. Though it may not come back from the very hand you helped, seeds sown do grow, your blessings will come in ways and directions that surprise you, be open to them. If you have been giving for years with sincere heart, it is time to be open and receive what is already on its way to you. No kindness is wasted.

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