Morning Meditation Message 3

Water and stone. Imagine that your soul and all its wisdom is like liquid light. From this metaphoric perspective, imagine also that the thoughts in your mind are like thousands of stones gathered and tightly packed, so that even though an ocean may be above them, all that trickles through are tiny drops every few years. A few hundred stones are labeled guilt, another hundred – shame, another hundred – resentment, and so on. Imagine still, that underneath this gathering of rocks, is you with the dream in your heart. The light of the soul is the infinite organizer that shows the way to the dream in the heart, as it is your direct connection to the higher power. Though you can never be separate from it, when too many stones gather, it becomes easier to forget. Then we think the sky is falling, and tell everybody, but it is only the rocks of our own minds. When we sit in meditation, what we are doing is creating space between the rocks, removing some as well, so that your liquid soul light can flow through and nourish the seed of the dream within you. What happens next, is inevitable growth. When you run away from yourself by refusing to go within, you become stagnant, and all that you wish to change in the world becomes stagnant too, because your influence is blocked. Your influence is blocked because people can sense the lack of soul light flowing from you, for it is an invisible language of vibration. Your influence is blocked because not even you, is paying attention to you. There is no faking its awakening, no garment that can give its shine, you must become it to set yourself free, and to inspire others to do the same. Water and stone. Enjoy this beautiful day!

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