Morning Meditation Message 2

Return to the dance. You look up at the sky and you say “stars,” “moon,” “sun,” but do you ever say choreography? Dance is all around you, as is the music, that plays in the heart when you see something beautiful. Indeed, you too, are as beautiful as the mystery you observe. Each country, group of people, or tribe, has its dance. Perhaps you have forgotten some of yours by coming to america, or by being so many generations removed for a reason it hurts to talk about. Let go of the reason, and rekindle that part of you. We live in an age of profound connection, an electrical wireless group mind. To say it simply, do a search on youtube, and find your culture’s dance. Play the music, feel the forgotten part of your genetics stir with rhythmic remembrance of your people from long ago. Feel the remembrance of the power of dance, and how it carries the soul through difficult passages, and even calls down the rain. Don’t worry about getting the steps wrong, or feeling silly, close that door, and dance. The drum beat is in your blood. When you return to the dance of you, you return to the dance of all that is. Enjoy this beautiful day, it was made for you.

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