Morning Meditation Message 1

In order for you to step into what you are wanting to attract to yourself, you must allow things that no longer serve your highest good to die. This may include old relationships and even parts of yourself that you have long outgrown. The shy you, the victim you, the part of you that likes how delicious resentment can feel, the hurt you, the envious you, the you that thinks someone else’s success takes away from your own. None of those versions of yourself are actually you, they are only habits of an ego insistent upon its own survival at the cost of all else. The real you is a timeless and boundless spark of all creation. All of those inner drops of poison must be overcome for you to truly be happy and attract the life you have been imagining for yourself for so long. You are your own roadblock, step out of your own emotional way. However, be easy on yourself and know that our work in this way is never done, there are always deeper levels of letting go, and deeper levels of growth for each of us to attain. You are an infinite being.

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