Finding The Path

Dear Kevon,
How do I find my path in life?

Dear Reader,

What if you started with what has already found you? There are clues all around us. We can spend so much of our time looking for a reason for being, but being is already its own reason, and within you is the possibility of all that you came here to be effortlessly. You have attracted everything you need to take your next step, all around you. So take time to be who you are, where you are. Take time to shake off the definitions you have allowed the world to tag you with.

Labels exemplify the limitation of words, wisdom exemplifies the boundless nature of the soul. Its true beauty is ineffable. No words can completely describe the magnificent expression of life that you are. Leave not another to define you, as others are still trying to define themselves with much advice to give in the smoke and mirrors of life. Because the advice of many do not come from their acknowledged connection to the one soul, it is often misleading when it comes to helping another find purpose. Also, because we imagine that finding our path would be a difficult thing, the idea becomes a self fulfilling prophecy of dreams that seem to never walk close to us. However, it is we who refuse to walk next to them, due to a lack of silent peaceful inquiry. Opening the heart and allowing love for yourself to flow through is the most important action one can take in that regard. Who can manifest their fullest potential while hating a part of the sacred being they have been created as? There are many clues to your purpose in life all around the environment you choose to live in. Decipher and discern.

There is a naturalness to discovery that becomes impossible when surrounded by constant distraction. To be constantly stimulated and incapable of hearing the voice within, is likened to the marathon runner who expects to finish the race running the opposite direction of the finish line. In such a scenario, the fastest runner may be on the right path, but running in a completely different direction can never bring one closer to their goal.

Slow down, allow the soul to whisper through the heart, let it point out things to you that you have been afraid to see. Let it show you the pains you buried with your gifts. Run within and meditate on the beauty that you are. Reach the tip of that branch, ready to leave the nest of self doubt behind, and then fly. Better yet, Roar!

by Kevon Simpson © 2014

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