The Path Walks Us Too

As we walk our spiritual paths to deeper levels of awakening, our tests will unfold to make us stronger and more resilient in that unfolding. They will arrive to help us affirm who it is that we are, and just how well we have overcome the pressure of conformity; the pressure of being someone we are not. As I grow in my community as a man on a mission of mindfulness, compassion, and peace via the practice of meditation and the sharing of it with others, many arrive with the intent to use my influence for something other than my vision of a unified humanity. I am writing this to remind you that just like me, you can say no to all who try to lead you astray. The word “no,” is a complete sentence on its own.

You don’t have to be pressured to fighting any wars, when quite honestly the war within is enough of a battle in itself. Only you know what you are ready for, and we are most ineffective until we have cleared much of what we are still battling within. For example, how can we work towards world peace, without first mastering forgiveness? Forgiveness is the root on the tree of peace, if you know it not in your personal experience – forgiving yourself for how hard you have been on yourself – how will you be able to forgive the world for how hard people have been on other people? If you haven’t forgiven yourself, you haven’t felt true peace. So how can you lead others to peace, or convince them that it is possible without the sincere subconscious aspect of the possibility for you to act upon from your direct experience of it? Can we teach another how to cook if we have only read cook books and never prepared a meal?

When we don’t face the festering soul boils inside us, we become people who manipulate others to get our own way, or we use power in many of its other unhealthy forms, even using flattery to get someone to do something that is out of alignment with their highest good. This however, is not true power. True power can move silently and still be felt. True power does not require force. True power springs forth from love, and love is like gravity, glue, and opened window all at the same time.  It does not cling and control for the sake of controlling. It does not assume the position of God in anyone else’s life. We each have within us a soul that is connected to all the wisdom, intelligence, and love we will ever need during our time here. Trust that before you trust the people who just want to use you and the energy you’ve built via a dedicated spiritual practice to suit their own ends. When you do decide to trust people, trust that holy source in them, and wait to see that source manifested in their actions before you allow yourself to be lead by them. Not only will doing so help you on your path, it will give you some life long friends along the way.

by Kevon Simpson © 2014

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