Distant Space

My skin is made of shooting star, my blood is made of wish.
When my heart beats, it plays a drum spiritual warriors dance to.
I am love’s eclipse peaking over the moon in seasons long gone.
I am the return of sacred space when all is left is dust and war.
Perhaps I am too far out there, far enough to high five your dream,
far enough to shake its hands and walk it back to you,
far enough to send a postcard from the astral planes,
far enough to kiss creativity’s golden lotus petals of peace.

I am closer to you than you think,
skin made of Earth, blood of her rumbling,
relative perspective, I am only as far as she is boundless.
I may be there, but I am still here.
In this vast universe light speeds speak,
they say “all that you are close to,
is the God in each other.”

by Kevon Simpson 2014 ©

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3 thoughts on “Distant Space

  1. BEAUTIFUL Kevin-ji. And yes, I feel the natives in my heartbeat too all the time, brother. And the planes are certainly becoming active these days, isn’t it? The picture is especially beautiful, I must add. again namaste and peace be with you

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I should’ve said Kevon-ji. I’m quite used to the name Kevin, you see, my brother in law is named so. But yes, yes you are most welcome. Expect more in the days to come! It seems we’re at a very auspicious moment in time.


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