Crossing the Street

God’s effort to unite strife-torn humanity manifests itself within your heart as the friendship instinct.

~ Paramhansa Yogananda, Spiritual Relationships


What would this world be without the beauty of friendship? That deep calling to connect to the spark you see in another’s eye has been a saver of many lives. For when the family doesn’t understand, isn’t the friend always there? And if you are blessed enough to have family as friends, sadness can not enter your heart and live there too long. And if there is no friend without, then there is always the infinite friend within, and this friend will never leave you. The most joyous, abundant, successful parts of my life have been the result of powerful spiritual friendships; light reflecting light.

Within the past year alone, I lost an aunt to cancer, and a grandmother to old age. The devastation that unfurled within the collective heart of my family brought us all back together. I think we all finally understand that our time here on this planet is limited. For it is indeed true that about 100 years from now, all that you know to be, all the people you have smiled at, all the arms you have hugged, lips you have kissed, will be gone. Though, this is not an invitation to sadness.

This is an invitation to celebration! Use your time here wisely, reach out to that old family member, reach out to that old friend, but always with your heart first. Forgive them in the light of your heart, tap their shoulder with the light of your heart, then give them a call, and make plans to meet for dinner, tea, whatever you like. Reach always for the friend within, for this friend is omnipresent. That friend within is an infinite organizer of the most minute details of your soul’s dream, and you are never truly alone. And in remembrance of that, love all around you like it will all one day be gone. Then you will truly be living, because to accept death as an inevitability, frees up the soul and allows it to shine through the body’s limited time here. You will stop being debilitated by your fear of failure, for it is the fear of being hit by a car that stop many from crossing the street. But it can be quite simple, all we have to do is make eye and soul contact with those around us, all we have to do is look at the lights.


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