Heart of Harp

Free your heart as start of harp,
and wear your heart strings like musical wings,
that find sanctity in the memory of forgotten history,
to uncover portions of your self measured biblically.

Do you know how amazing you are?
Your teeth smile but your eyes hide scars,
that beep through traffic like panicked cars.
I comet at you as galaxy star,
but my love is never far, or seasonal;
they call me criminal,
because I know the chemistry of the heart,
faults do they line in me,
because I earthquake illusions apart.

As a mist I flow like ancient gift,
pouring libations to ancestors, it’s spirit I lift;
the light in me and the light in you will never split.
It’s much more than magic, everyone has an inner genius,
I truth or dare you to give yours a kiss,
lets take brave steps to purposeful bliss,
free your heart as start of harp,
and play the music of the soul you miss.

by Kevon Simpson 2014 ©

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