Whether you wither or weather the storm find gratitude in the arm of the divinity in full view, bending light divine to burst a new strength from the pain within you. Know that now is always at the right time. Twisting as it does in infinite asymmetry, find the missing corners where love waits freely, to discover the other half of itself in a place that could not be, as tear of joy in baby’s eye life is a miracle already whole, you see. So when you fold and break and refuse to rake your missing pieces, know that the scattering of light moves the ethos via laughter in the voice of your baby nieces. Children that aren’t your own, are still your children, it is us, see how far God has thrown, yet none of us are missing, or forgotten, or gone, remember this sacred song: We are indestructible sparklings of light, that live and rise higher and higher, long after body meets its final night.

by Kevon Simpson 2014 ©

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