Sensei Kevon Simpson is an ordained Minister, multidisciplinary artist, international Two Spirit Medicine Man, a Shotokan Karate black belt, and founder of the Entheogen Integration Circle (NYC). He is from a lineage of Jamaican spiritual healers, and in the spirit of Sankofa he calls upon his Taíno and Akan ancestry often. He is also initiated through ‘dieta’ into the path of curanderismo, the ancient sacred healing plant medicine shamanism of the Amazon Rainforest, and Andes. During his extended stays in Pucallpa, Iquitos, and Chavín de Huantar, Perú, he learned the techniques of guiding ceremonies from fellow indigenous keepers of the Earth, with the intent of bringing the experience back to marginalized communities. He has traveled as far as Taiwan, Jamaica, Canada, and even Japan within his path as a medicine guide and high dose solo sitter. Known as one of the leaders of the underground psychedelic renaissance, clinical psychotherapists often come to him for advice with their clients. Since 2018 he has graced Chacruna’s stage twice as a speaker and panelist at their psychedelics and science conferences. In 2019 he opened the world renowned HORIZONS psychedelic conference as the ritual voice of spirit. He is a Reiki Master, who also has over 15 years of guiding meditation experience, and often combines the practices of mindfulness with poetry, dance, and sound healing, in order to lift people out of their wounds, and into their divine purpose. Kevon’s whole life changed in 2017 when he became public with his HIV status, and has since been an advocate to help lower the stigma through articles, appearances, and more. In his spare time you can find him practicing medicine songs and icaros, playing his handpan, or doing live feeds of spiritual upliftment under his social media handle Medicine Sensei, or by following the hashtag #planetocatch.

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Morning Meditation Message 28

Self-judgments are not the truth of your limitless being. Writing it seems, is an act of magical wizardry. So even if your self-sabotaging mechanism of poisonous thoughts are woven deep into the habitual pathways of your neurological mapping, there is still hope. Remember that repetition unravels the thread of forgetting. What have you forgotten? That … Continue reading Morning Meditation Message 28


Scrambling to find the maps hidden in medicine songs we sing in tongues unfamiliar. Earth quaking beneath feat, as if history wants to shake lose the lost notion of itself. Something buried wants to be remembered by us all, and screams through the rumbling, the crumbling of all that seemed so permanent. Firmament sparkling dew … Continue reading Womankind 

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